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What is a CDDO?

A Community Developmental Disability Organization is the single point of application, eligibility determination, and referral for individuals and families to obtain services through the developmental disability system in the State of Kansas.  CDDOs determine whether a person qualifies for services and work with the person and/or their family to choose from a variety of service options, and refer those persons to other community resources if additional supports are needed. 

Kansas currently has 28 CDDOs, covering all105 counties in Kansas. Each CDDO is assigned a particular county or counties in which they are the primary provider of “gate-keeping” services.  Tri-Ko CDDO's service area includes Miami, Linn and Anderson Counties.
View a map of Kansas CDDOs


By contract with SRS, CDDOs are responsible for:

▪    Implementing policies and procedures
▪    Reporting information to SRS
▪    Organizing a Council of Community Members

▪    Organizing a local Quality Oversight Committee
▪    Ensuring equal access to services
▪    Annually informing individuals of services and their rights
▪    Monitoring affiliated service providers

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